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ABOUT Torch Song

The world Singer imagines is so complete…that it doesn't need to be detailed exhaustively to take on a life of its own; with mere inference and a smattering of futuristic slang words ("toxbag," "vax"), Singer's future, shocked and scorched, opens up automatically in the imagination to something vast, and carries the story in its grip…EDGEBoston












What's New

Coming soon, or at least soonish—book two in the Blackjack trilogy, titled Reveille.  In this one, Rica Marin is under orders to raise an army of allied nations to do battle with the increasingly militant and threatening country of Rockymountain. She finds the missing Blackjack daughter, injured by her own terrorist bomb, and learns of secret Rocky outposts in Sierra and who’s behind them. Once again, she crosses lasers with the villain Hannah Karlow. And in the middle of all that, an old love returns.

Meanwhile, the ebook versions of all the Jake Samsons and the first book of the Blackjack trilogy are going strong and available in all the usual places, like Amazon, and you can check out the publisher at




On Other Fronts

Keeping tabs on the burgeoning careers of some of my ex-students. Melissa DeCarlo’s brilliant book The Art of Crash Landing: A Novel is still going strong, Kindle, paper, and Audible. Carrie Bedford’s magnificent historical novel Nobilissima: A Novel of Imperial Rome is doing great and her Kate Benedict paranormal mystery series is up to four—count ‘em!—books. I claim no credit for their success. I just want them to have more of it.

Read Chapter 1 of Torch Song

So Who Am I?

The rest of this is written in the third person, because that makes it sound like I have a staff.

Shelley Singer is the author of 13 published novels. Torch Song is the most recent, originally the hardcover Blackjack from Five Star Press, starring Rica Marin, spy, torch singer, and mercenary in the dangerous Balkanized world of 2066.

Ready to find a home for my completed fictionalized memoir The Pepsi Cola 9th Street Grocery. The photo below shows my dear mother behind the counter at the 9th St. Grocery in Minneapolis, circa 1950.

Pepsi-Cola 9th Street Grocery


Shelley has taught fiction writing and has worked one on one with writers as a manuscript consultant on nonfiction, literary novels and in every genre from memoir to mystery to science fiction to horror. Several clients and students have gone on to become published authors. She has been cited in the acknowledgments or dedications of several published books, including a number of award-winners. Recently, a student called her "insanely meticulous"--and meant it as a compliment. We think.

Singer grew up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and began her working life as a reporter with UPI in Chicago. During a checkered and mercifully brief journalism career, she met many famous people, at least two of whom were murdered, and many not-so-famous who are still alive. She lived for a very long time in beautiful Northern California before returning home to Minneapolis with her wife Polly Podolsky.  Moving along!

She has done too many things for a living.

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