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“Without Shelley’s discerning eye and deft touch, I doubt very much that my first novel, One Hand Clapping, would have been published. Her ghostly internet-transmitted voice continues to wend its way through my brain whatever I’m writing, exhorting me toward further clarity and grammatical precision. I consider her a valuable part of my writing development and look forward to working with her again.” --Lise Leroux, author of One Hand Clapping, Viking Penguin, nominated for the Orange Prize for fiction.











Client and Student Raves

March 2014--

Just wanted to say thank you for all the help and encouragement when I started writing. Since those first classes, I've self-published  five titles and just signed a novella with Port Yonder Press. Best Regards --Patrick Todoroff, author of  The Barrow Lover, Port Yonder Press, 2014

I took one of your courses about a year and half ago on . I wanted to say thank you for your help. I self-published 'Gone But Not Missed' in November. You were instrumental in providing me structure and the basics of writing.
Thank you,
Alicia--A.R. Kennedy

December 2013--

Shelley Singer brought out the writer in me. She heard my literary voice. She led me to seek the deepest secrets and driving emotions of a story’s characters. She encouraged me to take narrative risks. Shelley was the key that unlocked my creativity. She’s the best kind of teacher and editor, in that she doesn’t teach, she leads you to yourself. Then you can write. –Ann Aptaker, author of Criminal Gold, to be released in September 2014 by Bold Strokes Books

December 2012--

Shelley Singer was a tremendous support to me in my struggle to turn my rough draft into a professional manuscript. Through her eagle eyes and keen intuition I was able to fine tune the actions, sequence of events, and other details in my surreal novel, The Scales of Six, by Rosean Mile (Solstice Publlishing December 2012--http://

September, 2012--

It’s been a great pleasure to work with you over the years, going back to your teaching days at the UC-Berkeley Extension. You provide spot-on writing feedback, a practical view of the publishing industry, and a supportive shoulder to lean on when times get tough. With your sage advice, my YA mystery, The Paganini Curse, was a first place winner in the 2012 San Francisco Writers Conference Contest and will be published this fall. Keep up all the good workwe writers need you and admire you. -- Giselle Stancic

And more...

In case I haven't said it enough -- I'm very grateful to have had a class with you at a time when I thought it would be hopeless to think I could get one book published. You got me through, and I just signed contracts for my 18th and 19th books. –Camille Minichino, author of The Periodic Table Mysteries (Camille Minichino), The Miniature Mysteries (as Margaret Grace) and the Professor Sophie Knowles Mysteries (as Ada Madison).

I took your Ongoing Fiction Writers Workshop a few years ago, and you helped me immensely with Exit Strategy, the first book in my Katerina Carter suspense series.  I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for all the help and inspiration you gave me.  Despite the fact that I wasn't able to continue in your class, I kept writing and following your advice.  You helped me so much that I included you in the acknowledgments.--Colleen Cross

Amber Quill Press has agreed to publish my novel, The Lieutenant's Whistle. It's set for release in September of 2011. I took part in Shelley Singer's Ongoing Writing Class in the late months of 2010. I knew there were some problems with the novel, but it took fresh eyes to see them. Shelley's critiques for my weekly submissions were on target and extremely helpful. The members of the class were very helpful as well. Ther's no doubt in my mind that the class helped me form the manuscript into a much-improved product. I plan to take another of Shelley's classes when my next novel is in its early stages.--Fred Stemme

Shelley’s work with my novel was invaluable.  She not only caught the embarrassing goofs that plague every writer, but she showed what worked and what didn’t, and how to make the writing clearer where needed.  Most of all, she provided the professional encouragement and support that allowed me to go on believing in the book until it got an agent and a publisher.  Shelley is a star!
E. Leverett Taylor
Author of Half Light

"Hi, Shelley! Just want to shout it from the rooftops that a short story I submitted to Ellery Queen will be in the next issue. Thank you for all your guidance in the online class, for making me a better writer, and also for the confidence you gave me with your support and encouragement. Cheers!" --Audrey Webb. author of "Administrative Leave," appearing in the September-October 2010 issue.

And from a member of a recent ongoing online workshop--

I feel SO fortunate to be part of such a wonderful group of writers and commentators.   I really mean it. I've joined and left other writers' forums and classes over the years. None of them offered a fraction of the talent, constructive critique or support that this group does.  Long live Shelley's Ongoing class!  --Carrie Bedford (Carrie recently signed a contract with BooksBNimble e books for her mystery, The Aura)

You're a taskmaster and you pull no punches.... I hear your voice in every sentence that I write. And thanks to your help I got a two book contract with St. Martin's Press.”
—Don Bruns, award-winning author of Jamaica Blue, Barbados Heat, South Beach Shakedown and most recently the Stuff series, including the newest release, Stuff to Spy For.

"Thanks to Shelley and her generous help, I was able to finish my novel, Murder at Ocean View College, and get it published. Shelley and the dedicated students in her workshop have also given me excellent suggestions for polishing numerous short stories. I now have a collection and some of those stories have been published. Shelley has been indispensable in my growth as a writer."--Karen Batchelor

When I gave Shelley Singer the first 200 pages of my initial 700-page manuscript…it was a mess. Not only did she do an incredible job, but she helped me begin to learn the craft of writing. Her comments and suggestions were specific yet constructive. She helped me say more clearly what it was I was struggling to convey. She brought insight and perspective into scenes where I was too close. And I never felt discouraged reading through her edits. Thanks Shelley!"
—Marie Etienne, author of Storkbites, Creative Arts Books, and Confessions of a Bi-Polar M Ardi Gras Queen.

“Since I last spoke to you I’ve sold another story. I’m batting a thousand so far, two acceptances and no rejections.”
—Peter Mangiaracina

“Shelley Singer’s Mystery Writing Course changed my life. Shelley packed each class with solid and specific information that helped guide me in my writing, and she gave me encouragement after reading my work. I was inspired by her workshop to finish the manuscript—no small task—and finally send it out to agents. The first two books were sold to Bantam Books, and I eventually sold three more in the series. My first book won a Macavity Award for Best First Mystery, I’ve had foreign sales, book club sales, conference invitations, speaking engagements—and I owe it all to Shelley Singer!”
—Penny Warner, award-winning author of of more than 50 books printed in 14 countries, including her latest, first in a new series, How To Host A Killer Party.

Shelley encouraged me when I needed it, scolded me when I deserved it, poked and prodded me when I got sloppy, and guided through tough times. Most importantly though, I know that due to Shelley Singer, I am a better writer. excellent teacher, very supportive, and she has a great way of pointing you in the right direction.

Shelley is fantastic. Responsive, insightful, keeps you focused. Couldn't have done anything better.

In two workshops since April, I've written 11 chapters of a developing novel. It's a first draft, but I doubt I could have accomplished this much on my own.

Your lessons, along with your careful criticism, have given me a gentle push down a path I've always wanted to take, but couldn't find the courage to do so alone.

...thank you for listening, for sharing, and for keeping at it. It is trite, but true: you're inspiring...

Your comments have been really helpful, the criticism was constructive and encouraging at the same time. Thanks again for a great class!

I am in your debt yet again for your sharp reading and helpful comments. I thank you for literary midwifery. There are not many who can do this well, but do you do it superbly.

If I ever make it to publication, it will only be because you helped get me there.

Thank you for all your advice and encouragement. I am reminded of the words of Mark Twain, "Great people are those who make others feel that they, too, can become great." In this respect, you were great!

I have never had a writing teacher like you, you don't miss a thing. Wish I had heard of you sooner.